Our Impact in 2023

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And we've delivered 250 million meals since inception!

A message from our founder


What an incredible year!

I can honestly say this has been both the toughest, but most incredible year since I started OzHarvest back in 2004.  There have been heart breaking moments as demand for food continued at an all-time high, at the same time as emergency food relief funding came to an end. The queue at the OzHarvest Market, and the stories of everyday struggles we hear from our charities are a constant reminder that food insecurity in Australia is not going away.

The OzHarvest team has been busier than ever, with a fleet of 70 yellow vans, 156 dedicated drivers and an army of passionate volunteers who deliver so much more than food to people in need across the country.  Understanding the needs of the community guides much our operations and I’m thrilled to share that our first food rescue run is now up and running in Kakadu – delivering fresh produce to remote indigenous communities in the Northern Territory. We’re also looking into how we can best support people in need in Tasmania – watch this space!

We have scaled up our education programs nationally, and I’m always blown away by the passion of students I meet who have been inspired by our FEAST program. It was a joy to be part of the High School launch in September. With the cost of living contributing to the high level of food insecurity, NEST has never been so important, teaching people how to cook healthy meals on a budget, but also providing community connection during these challenging times. My favourite days of the year are watching our Nourish students complete their journey at the graduations in June and December.

There is now less than seven years to achieve the national goal of halving food waste in Australia by 2030, and we are pushing for change at all levels of society. We launched our first petition calling for government action to end food waste to landfill. Our incredible partners are amplifying our message and people at home (and overseas) are getting on board with our Use It Up campaign! I’m excited to see our new innovation arm, OzHarvest Ventures launched and already pioneering products and business ideas to create social and environment impact.

We rounded off the year reaching a huge milestone – delivering 250 million meals since inception! This achievement is the result of the huge number of people who connect with our cause.  We could not do what we do without the unwavering support of our extended OzHarvest family, which includes partners, food donors, charities, fundraisers, volunteers and of course, a team of magnificent people!

Thank you to every single person who helps to ‘Nourish our Country.’


Ronni Kahn AO, OzHarvest CEO & Founder

A message from our chair


Resilience, compassion and community

2023 was a remarkable journey for OzHarvest and it is with great pride and gratitude that I share my reflection message with our incredible community. This year has been testament to the strength and growth of our organisation, as we continue to impact the lives of those who are most vulnerable across Australia.

OzHarvest’s commitment to fighting food waste and tackling hunger only grew stronger.  The ongoing challenges from the rising cost of living saw so many new people facing food insecurity and the charities we support struggling to cope with demand.  The resilience and compassion of our team has shone through and we’ve been able to expand our operations, allowing us to reach even more communities in need.

It is a collective effort made possible by the unwavering support of our dedicated supporters, passionate volunteers, and the entire OzHarvest family. Your generosity, commitment, and hard work have fuelled our purpose, and I extend my deepest thanks to each and every one of you for being the driving force behind our impact.

Over the past 18 months, the Board has undertaken a challenging mission, conducting a global search to find a new CEO, as Ronni transitions from day-to-day executive leadership to a new role as Visionary-in-Residence. Ronni’s legacy is enormous, and she has built OzHarvest into one of Australia’s most-loved for-impact organisations. We’re all delighted to welcome James Goth as our new CEO, who joins us in March, bringing extensive corporate leadership experience and a deep personal commitment to for-purpose work. James and Ronni are a powerful combination, and the Board are excited to work with them both in their new roles.

2024 will be an incredibly exciting year as we celebrate our 20th birthday! Two decades of dedication, passion and commitment have shaped OzHarvest into the force for good that it is today. I’m thrilled to be part of this unique organisation and can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold.

Thank you all for being a vital part of the OzHarvest family.


Lawrence Goldstone, OzHarvest Chair

Global goals

We have a beautiful planet, and making an impact on this world can only be achieved by collective action. We are all part of the solution.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals logo

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set in 2015, are a road map for global change to create a better future. SDGs are tangible and can motivate action at all levels of society, as people can connect with and relate to the bigger picture. At OzHarvest, we create opportunities for collaboration and innovation to accelerate social and environmental impact across five of the SDGs.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger logo

Through food rescue operations and food relief services we’re ensuring fresh and nutritious food is accessible to all.  We’re continuously evolving our model and increasing efficiencies in food rescue to get more food, to feed more people.  Innovation plays a key part in addressing the ongoing need in Australia and we’re always looking for new solutions. Working with our peers in the food relief sector, we’re a collective voice for those experiencing food insecurity in Australia and are committed to bringing about change to address this national issue.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Quality Education logo

Our education programs aim to create positive change across different community groups by improving life skills, increasing healthy eating and raising awareness about food waste and sustainable living.  FEAST is a curriculum-aligned program for schools which inspires future change-makers and behavioural change towards reducing food waste. NEST improves food security and creates community connections for vulnerable adults and Nourish creates new life skills and pathways for a better future for young people facing barriers to education. Our impact in these programs not only makes a difference in the lives of individuals, but also engages partners to support collective action on this goal.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Responsible Consumption and Production logo

We use our voice to champion the value of food and inspire change at all levels of society. Our focus is on achieving goal 12.3: to halve food waste per capita by 2030 and empowering businesses and consumers to do the same. We’re working closely with partners and food donors to reduce waste to landfill and ensure targets are set and met. We’re investing in consumer research and campaigns to tackle food waste at home, and our Use It Up Tape™ is proven to reduce household food waste by 40% – embedding the behaviour nationally is our goal. Through innovation with OzHarvest Ventures, we’re looking at new products and business solutions that create social and environmental impact.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Climate Action logo

SDG 13 is about the core of the Paris agreement – how to prepare for the impact of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Protecting our planet is a key part of our mission and our advocacy work is central to raising awareness and connecting the dots between food waste and climate change. Through our partnerships, programs, communications and campaigns we educate people on the environmental impact of methane caused by wasted food and inspire action on reducing waste.  Food rescue prevents the embedded carbon emissions from food production from being wasted and avoids the release of methane from food rotting in landfill. For every kilo of food rescued, 1kg of CO2 equivalent is saved from being released into the atmosphere.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Partnership For The Goals logo

Solving complex problems like food waste and food security are impossible without partnerships. We’re passionate about working with like-minded partners that share our vision for a better world, our network includes food donors, corporate partners, all levels of government, charities, schools, educational institutions, other not for profit organisations and our peers in the food relief sector. Through all our partnerships we drive a connection to our cause and build strategies for reducing food waste, feeding hungry people, creating positive change and protecting our planet.